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Sheepskin for Babies

Our cosy sheepskin baby or infant fleeces are luxuriously soft and comfortable and will feel lovely against all babies' sensitive skin. 

We offer two types of fleeces for buggies or prams, luxury standard and luxury deluxe (has a quilted backing). 

Our baby lambskins are perfect to use in the summer or winter months as they keep the skin cool in summer by wicking away excess moisture and warm in winter with densely packed comfortable wool fibres.  Being made of 100% natural lambskin wool they will keep your baby dry and warm and as they are fire-resistant they are also very safe.   Your baby will love snuggling up against an Aussie Fleece lambskin fleece!

Note: We recommend that babies/infants under the age of 12 months are put on their backs on the fleeces.  If sleeping on them we recommend covering the fleeces with a sheet.  Older infants can lie directly on the fleeces.